Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hello World!

Hello World!

Although I have two blogs that I used to write on some years ago, I discontinued writing on them for many reasons that I hope not happen again.
These blogs were not dedicated to software, neither they were in English, which is the case in this blog; I will write mainly about software in English!

The busy developer...

Have you ever faced a problem, and then found a solution the hard way?
Have you ever learned something after hard times figuring out how it works?
Have you ever seen an article that simplifies a concept you wished you can understood it?
Have you ever found a simple solution for a problem you have solved before using zillions of lines of code?
Have you ever felt disappointed from your inability to cope with the fast pace of new technologies?
Have you ever....
The list is endless, but let's ask one more question: have you ever need to document or share some good piece of knowledge?

I know you are a busy programmer, as am I, and for all the questions above I tried to help with this blog.

What to expect?

Don't expect frequent, and long articles. Actually, as we agreed, I am - as you are - a busy developer (to be honest, I am a software architect now), and I have limited time which I need to divide between my full-time job, my family, my self-learning, my side projects, and finally my blog!
One of my popular obstacles to write frequently in my previous blogs, is that I was trying to write long articles, which I have no time to do..I am a busy developer! And I decided to overcome this obstacle in this blog; I will share with you even very short articles that worth sharing in social networks not on blogs!

English everywhere!

I am not native English speaker, Actually my mother tongue is Arabic, which I am very proud of, but I decided to start this blog in English for two reasons:
1- To gain more audience
2- To enhance my English skills

And I hope you find it useful.

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